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Must Visit Bintan Attractions (Beyond Beaches)

As the largest island in the Riau Island, Indonesia. Bintan is the perfect heavenly getaway for leisure and adventure seekers. Best known for its high-end resorts, world-class golf courses, and magnificent coastal beauty.

Bintan can be easily be reached by Ferries from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal Singapore and The Zon Ferry Terminal Johor. This tropical island offers a complete extraordinary package of landscape and water adventure one should never miss. So, what exactly should you expect to see on this island? Well, here we list down top 5 Bintan Must Visit Attractions apart from its beautiful white sandy beaches.

Gurun Pasir Busung

Gurun Pasir Busung / Mini Desert

Visiting Gurun Pasir Busung, you will be greeted by the sight of exotic Middle East Desert. It is a great photo spot where you can produce impressive photos with beautiful sandy background that people might believe you have made at trip to Middle East and back.

This site was a once a sand mine, after the company stopped operating on 2013 there is no more mining activities on the site. The left behind piled sands create a panoramic landscape resembling the desert of the Middle East. Local community then decided to develop and manage the site as a tourist attraction, since then Gurun Pasir Busung has been a popular tour destination for its scenic view.

Blue Lake

Blue Lake

Same as Gurun Pasir Busung, Blue Lake was also a mining site. After a long time accumulating rain water in the crook and crater forms a lake on the site. What makes the lake unique is the color of its water which is bright blue which is how the lake got its name.

Blue Lake is located near Gurun Pasir so you can hit both place in one go. The lake provides you with beautiful background for photo hunting.

Mount Bintan

Mount Bintan

Feeling bored by all the water activities and the hot beach, you can challenge a hiking trip up to the peak of Mount Bintan. It is a great way to explore and blend with nature. The mountain is 340 m high, hiking trek up and down can be done in around 4 hours.

Enjoy the calmness the beauty of the nature brings you. You will get the chance to encounter some wild animals like deers, monkeys and tropical birds as well as find some seasonal fruits like durian, duku and mangosteen in the jungle. From the top of the mountain, feast your eyes on the stunning unblocked view of the surrounding forest.

Mount Bintan Waterfall

On the way down the mountain, stop at Kolam Putri (princessís pool) for a dip before continuing your journey down. The last stop will be a waterfall at the foot of the mountain, beautiful refreshing scenery of flowing water. Although not high like those big mountains on Java, Mount Bintan offers a short natural escape that can be an adventurous option during your Bintan trip.


Mangrove Tour Bintan

Many resorts and travel agent provide mangrove tour service. There are two options for mangrove tour, the mangrove day tour and the firefly tour. Mangrove tour normally conducted in a boat with capacity of around 10 persons with a guide, you will ride along the mangrove plantations and have a chance to witness the mangrove ecosystem.

Mangrove Forest Bintan

During mangrove day tour you might encounter wild animals like birds, monkey, and snake. While surrounded by the dense mangrove trees and wild animals you will get informative explanation from the guide about the mangrove forest ecosystem. If you join the night mangrove tour you might get the chance to encounter fireflies. You can never find a firefly in the crowded city, but you can enjoy their amusing light show in the mangrove forest.

Mangrove tour is an interesting and educating activity on the same time. It is an experience worth trying while in Bintan

Safari Lagoi and Eco Farm

Safari Lagoi

Indonesia is a country rich with biodiversity and natural heritage that is need to be conserved and protected. Bintan Safari Lagoi is the facilities built to raise people awareness of the need to protect the flora and fauna from extinction.

Safari Lagoi

In Safari Lagoi you can meet rescued and endangered animals within close proximity and at eco farm you can experience planting and harvesting process. Safari Lagoi and Eco Farm tour is a nice educational tour while helping the facilities to rescue and conserve more of the natural treasure of Indonesia.

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